Monday links

Here’s a list of links from about the interwebs of things I am thinking about this week:

I’m going to wash my face with oil.

I’m not going to use shampoo or conditioner anymore. Gross, huh?

I’m going to cook like a mo’fo for one day a month. Matt is understandably nervous about the massive Once a Month Clean-up that will follow the Once a Month Cook day, but hopefully the fully-stocked freezer and a less-stressed Rosebuttons will impress him.

Dog food, delivered right to my door! Got my first delivery today, and so far I love this service. The manager/owner has responded to my questions on email right away, even special-ordered the weenie’s favorite treats, and delivered to me two days ahead of schedule because I realized how fast my piglets pups devour their food.

Considering all my options. I am not a happy nurse right now.

chainmail weenie

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