OAMC results

So last weekend I cooked, all weekend long, as part of my first experiment in OAMC (Once a Month Cooking. The interwebs have an acronym for everything). I followed the meal plan from Once a Month Mom, the Whole Foods menu. I eliminated a couple of dishes from the menu for time and cost. I liked that the menu, recipes, and shopping list are provided on Excel spreadsheets. You can just plug in the number of people you are cooking for and it does the math for you. I tried to download the files and open them in Excel, but the formatting was wonky. Turns out (at least on a Mac) you need to keep the files in Google docs and just save a copy to your files. I did my grocery shopping the night before, spending just under $300. A bit of sticker shock, but I tried reminding myself that I usually spend about $150/week on groceries and in the long run this plan is supposed to reduce overall grocery costs. Friday night I chopped all the veggies, then Saturday I cooked. And cooked. And cooked. I started around 10am and finished up around 5pm. I filled the freezer with 5 main dishes, two sides, and a dozen muffins. I also made about a dozen crepes but didn’t freeze those as it was obvious they wouldn’t last long in the fridge at the rate we were eating them. I like the idea of making breakfast foods in a batch but next time would probably stick with pancakes or waffles; the crepes were kind of a pain to flip. So far we’ve eaten the BBQ Buffalo chicken and the polenta gratin, both were delicious. As long as I can remember to take the dishes out of the freezer the night before, I think this is going to be pretty convenient and stress-reducing.

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