Whidbey Island dog park tour, day 1

For S’s birthday, the weenies and I whisked her off to Whidbey Island for a couple of days. I have never been to the southern part of the island, and for years I’ve heard rumors of an amazing off-leash dog beach up there. Plus, Whidbey Island is home to five off-leash dog parks, all managed by Fetch. What better way to spend a couple of days off than with three dogs and five dog parks to explore? We left on Monday, and it took us about two hours to get to our little hotel in Freeland via ferry. The dogs slept through the ferry ride and were rather unimpressed. We stayed at the Harbour Inn Motel in Freeland. It was modest but our room was large, very clean, and pet-friendly. The website states they have a two-dog limit but when I booked the room and explained I had three small dogs there was no problem at all. We checked in, the dogs summarily investigated every nook and cranny of the room, and shortly thereafter the rain cleared.

First on our agenda: Marguerite Brons Dog Park. We loved this park! It was a large fenced area, mostly covered in grass, a huge plus for little weenie paws that aren’t so agile over big rocks or gravel. There was a solar panel that powered the lights and the well for drinking water. Leading away from the play area are fenced, 0ff-leash wooded trails. The trails were quiet and well-groomed. I love parks with dog-friendly trails, since two of my three weenies are not, ahem, very self-motivated when it comes to exercise. So while little Ardie will play and tire himself out, it’s nice to take a little walk to get all of them moving.

There was much romping.

We give this park 3 paws up! My only minor complaint was that the watering area wasn’t accessible for little dogs, you’d have to bring your own bowl to fill up for them. Although Ardie say, “Little dogs? Who’s a little dog?”

Next: Langley, Double Bluff Beach park, Coupeville.


  1. I was eyeing the dog park outside of Langley when we went but we didn’t make it. We (ok….S) pulled the trialer far enough for one day 🙂 Glad all, especially Ardie, had a romping good time.

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