Whidbey Island dog park tour, day 2

Langley is a twee village on Whidbey Island, we strolled through the 2-block “downtown” but since it was after 5pm on Monday most of the shops were closed. Ardie enjoyed meeting the “dog” part of “Boy and Dog” park.

On Tuesday morning, after being unceremoniously awoken by Ted and his urgent need to evacuate his stomach contents, we packed up and checked out of the hotel. Our plan for the day was to visit Double Bluff Beach, the off-leash dog beach that I’ve been wanting to check out for a long time. It was easy to find, at the end of Double Bluff Road, of course.

The first 500 feet of the beach were not off-leash, but after that the beach continued to stretch for miles, with beautiful views of the San Juan islands to the west and a sandy bluff rising on the east. It was doggy beach heaven. Ted and Tessa trotted happily along, and young Ardie scampered ahead, in and out of the surf, getting sand in his whiskers. He was such a good boy and returned to us when I called him to give him a treat, and then he was off again on his adventures.

Needless to say, we had some very exhausted weenies after our beach trek. This beach alone was worth the trip to Whidbey, I would definitely come here again even for an afternoon. There were picnic tables, bathrooms, and water spouts for rinsing your feet (or sandy weenie bellies.) Three paws up for Double Bluff Beach!

One comment

  1. The weenies loved this beach so much that I told a co-worker about it and she immediately (seriously, that afternoon) went with her dog. And they loved it too! Highly recommend.

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