Cowboy dinner in the Methow

  by rosebuttons
, a photo by rosebuttons on Flickr.

We spent the weekend relaxing and shedding the trappings of hospice/Renton/Boeing/St. Louis in the Methow Valley at Sun Mountain Lodge. I don’t have a lot to report because we didn’t do very much…that was the whole point. The first night there we went on a “Cowboy Dinner Ride;” a mellow 40-minute trail ride to a homestead site, were fed dinner, and listened to cowboy songs. Dinner was basic stuff: grilled BBQ chicken, steaks, cornbread, potato salad. At one point a little Ballard tot (I have no idea where he was from, I just call all annoyingly-precocious and entitled children Ballard kids) went up to the cook and asked, “Where are these steaks from? What kind are they?” and the cook just said, “Costco.” The tot wordlessly ran back to his Ballard parent,  crestfallen at the possibility of having ingested something not-entirely-grass fed. I think Matt enjoyed the experience (I think he was hoping for more cowboy riding and less dinner and songs), but I know I did…anything with horses and cowboys is all I need to relax.

I'm pretty sure he was a cowboy in a previous incarnation. He looks pretty at home up there.

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