Took to my bed.

I’m slowly crawling back from the brink, the brink of the nasty cruddy cold that kept me down for a whole week. I rarely get sick, nary a sniffle, so I was terribly disappointed in my immune system. I blame the new job and being around new people with their new germs, and hopefully this was the The Big One for this season and now it’s over. However, my extended illness and absence from work gave me the opportunity to finish Game of Thrones: Song of Ice and Fire (book one) and watch the first series of Downton Abbey. I strongly recommend both as entertaining means to pass the time. As I finished Downton Abbey I learned that the second series was just starting in England, but I’d have to wait until January 8 2012 to watch it here on PBS. As if I need any more reason to emigrate to the UK.

One comment

  1. It finished as quick as it started though, disappointingly short series! Though we have a Chrsitmas special to look forward to!

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