Maui, top ten

I used to blog pretty thoroughly and frequently when I traveled, aiming to put up a post a day as a travelogue. Obviously I didn’t do that from my last trip to Hawaii, but my excuse is that not enough happens on a daily basis in Hawaii in order to justify daily postings. But in terms of a trip to Hawaii, that’s a good thing…because the whole point of going to Hawaii is to relax and do as little possible. Which I proudly accomplished while we were in Maui. So in lieu of a daily posting I’m going to bring you a Top Ten Best Things about Maui.

1. Snorkeling with sea turtles.

On our previous trip to Kauai, I didn’t see any sea turtles, and I was gutted. I have always loved the big turtles. On this trip, the very first time we went out snorkeling I saw THREE. I nearly followed one out to deep ocean if Matt hadn’t reeled me back in. The way they just float and drift, unhurried but deliberate, I wanted to follow them back to their caves and curl up for nap with them. I could tell they totally wanted to be friends with me too.

2. Haleakala “crater”

Our drive to the top of this mountain, at 10000 feet above sea level, was breathtaking. The landscape up there was other-worldly, my favorite kind of landscape. I have to note that it’s not actually a crater, it’s a valley created by erosion. But someone without any knowledge of geography thought it looked a lot like a crater, and the name stuck.

3. Sunshine. Every day. All day.

4. Ocean waves. Constantly crashing on the beach, the soundtrack in our condo.

5. Naps. Daily requirement.

6. Mai tais. Also daily requirement.

7. Wearing loose flowing floral dresses is pretty much a requirement.

8. Big Bang Theory. Okay, this technically has nothing to do with Maui but we started watching it while we were there and became instantly addicted.

9. Luau! See previous post.

10. Oh yeah, and this is pretty awesome too:

I said yes, of course.


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