Snowpocalypse 2012

Weather in Seattle is very temperate and for the most part quite pleasant. Summertime temps hover in the 70s with no humidity. Wintertime is mild, with the temps rarely dipping below freezing. Sure, it rains quite a bit and even worse than that it’s cloudy and gray the majority of days, but I’ll gladly trade a bit of sunshine for the extremes of weather they suffer in the flyover states and on the least coast.

But about once a year, it snows. Not very much actually, it may dump up to 6-8 inches during a storm but by the next week it’s gone. It’s usually gone within a day or two. Temps don’t dip below 30, and there isn’t much windchill to speak of. By Wisconsin standards, it’s downright balmy and pleasant. The problem lies in Seattle’s response (or lack thereof) to the snow, and the reaction of the locals.   Seattlites can’t drive on the best of days, but on the worst of days they will just get out of their car, leaving it in the middle of the road, and walk away. Unless they’ve already spun out into a ditch.

Oddly, there is no snow at our house although the rest of the city got several inches yesterday.The Big Storm is supposed to start tomorrow night, they’ve probably already cancelled school for the whole week. I made it to the grocery store today to stock up. My plan now is to get a pot of ragu simmering on the stove, then curl up on the couch with my knitting and the latest Downton Abbey.

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