Atomic Ranch Convalescent Home for Dachshunds

It’s been a rough week here at the Atomic Ranch…I’ve been playing nurse to dachshunds in various states of illness and recovery. Ted had major abdominal surgery on Friday, to remove bladder stones. Like the medical geek that I am, I asked to see the stones after they were removed. One of them was the size a marble, and when your bladder is the size of a large walnut that’s pretty darned big. Ted came home the same night, and he’s been a wonderful patient. He never lost his appetite, doesn’t really seem uncomfortable or in pain, and tolerates the Cone of Shame very well. It’s a foam “Comfy Cone” and Ted is just so sweet and simple that whatever happens to him he just accepts it his reality. His incision looks great, there are no external stitches for him to nibble on. On to the next patient…

Tessa woke up two mornings ago with weakness in her back legs, lethargy, and loss of appetite. She refused her breakfast and dinner although I eventually coaxed her to eat a few bites of some tasty canned food. Instead of trotting around the yard she just stepped gingerly and wouldn’t go up or down stairs. The next morning I gave her one of Ted’s pain pills and she ate some of her breakfast, seemed to get a little more pep back but was still moving slowly. I tried to get her an appointment with the vet but we happened to be in the throes of Snowmageddon 2012 so the vet office was closing ended up closing early that day. The vet advised to continue the pain pills and bring her on Friday.

And Ardie? Oh that little scamp…he’s just fine. Frolicking in the snow and driving us all a little bit crazy with his cabin fever. Check him out, mugging for the camera, over on our friends’ Chester and Gretel’s blog, You Did What With Your Wiener.

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  1. Thanks for the link share. Sorry to hear about the issues with Tessa and Ted. I know you mentioned Ted had surgery when I saw you the other day but I hadn’t read this yet. That is one big stone. He looked like he was doing good Sunday.

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