Convalescent home: Status update

So the vet thinks Tessa had a back problem, maybe a disc injury. She did some manipulations to her and Tessa yelped when she tried to turn her nose to touch her ribs on the left, indicating she has some pain around her cervical vertebrae. I was actually kind of relieved to hear that…that’s something we can treat and allow to heal and she can recover from. When you have a 15-year-old dog, every time you take her to the vet you expect the worst: I’m always expecting to hear, “Sorry, she’s riddled with cancer, in terrible pain, prognosis is about 24 hours.” So now Tessa’s taking a pharmaceutical cocktail of pain meds and muscle relaxants, and on strict regimen of rest and no stairs while she heals. Although she seemed even worse yesterday morning, today she had some of her old pep back and was interested in eating breakfast and trotting around the yard a bit. She’s loving her heated bed and I bought her a raised food and water bowl, as well as lots more cans of tasty tuna/salmon/venison dog food varieties that she likes so much.

In other dog news, today I checked out a local coffee shop that allows dogs. I had been planning to meet my friend B and her twin babies at the dog park, but due to Slushmageddon 2012 over the past two days it was most likely a muddy quagmire. Turned out that we weren’t the only Seattle weenies with that idea: we ran into Jessica of AdventureWeiners and four other dachshunds! Unfortunately Ted was harassed by a small black dog (Ted is a breedist and can’t stand black dogs. It’s quite embarrassing). He lost his shit at this black dog and had to wait in the car. I was harassed by a small boy who demanded my potato chips and terrified Ardie (Ardie can’t stand small children, their unpredictable lurching movements and high-pitched squeals freak him the f*ck out). But other than that it seemed like a pretty cool place, I’m sure it’s not always so chaotic, so I’ll definitely go back.

And now for a completely unrelated shameless plug: check out my fiance’s podcast, where he and his buddy discuss cult movies,

One comment

  1. It wasn’t near as chaotic the last time I was there. I guess you never know what to expect. I think that little boy was pretty good but, unfortunately for dogs like Gretel and Ardie that are scared by their erratic movements, it made the visit there a little stressful.

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