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Planning a wedding is hard. It’s the details that are killing me, and we are deliberately keeping it simple to avoid such debilitating details. But it’s okay, these are mostly fun details: shoes and jewelry and tartan silks. The big stuff was fairly easy, maybe because the decisions were clear  and we knew what we wanted. It sort of went like this: Let’s get out of town and keep it simple. Okay…Destination wedding, we love Scotland, let’s go there!…there are castles in Scotland, let’s rent a castle!…bagpipes are Scottish, I’ll book a piper!…god-stuff creeps us out, let’s find a Humanist celebrant, done! …We like food, oh look a lovely nearby restaurant, reception booked! …Ooh, shopping…found a dress, love it, bought it, done. That all happened within about a month of getting engaged. And all of it (except buying the dress) took place on my couch from my laptop. Since then, I’ve planned and booked more of the honeymoon, invited the guests, and uhm…that’s about it. Am I missing something?

But it turns out that buying The Dress is not the end of the The Dress saga. There are all these fussy little details that I have to shop for and make decisions on: shoes, smallclothes (that’s Winterfell for underwear, it just sounds more delicate, and the irony is that in my case they are everything but), jewelry, hair accessories. Obviously I’ve found the shoes (see above!) but the perfect smallclothes continue to elude me despite months of order-a-size-try-it-on-send-it-back-order-another-size *lather rinse repeat* and I’m still trying to find earrings and a necklace that I like. Not to mention the wedding shawl I’m knitting and the lace shrug I plan to knit. I’m a bit envious of Matt being able to rent his entire outfit in one fell swoop when we get to Scotland.

However, the biggest most important aspect of the wedding plan has finally fallen into place: we found a dog-sitter! It was really hard getting excited about the whole adventure while we were still worried about who would stay with the dogs. Thanks to Barb’s suggestion, I asked the vet tech at our vet clinic if the clinic had any pet sitter recommendations and it turns out that she herself did a lot of dog-sitting for other clients of our vet. I’m so relieved the weenies will be safely cared for in their own home so we can relax and enjoy our wedding and honeymoon! I’m even more relieved that Matt’s relieved because when he’s anxious…hoo boy.

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