7 weeks, 4 days

Today I was that person who calls in sick the day after a holiday, and I felt so guilty and terrible about it. But I had a bad headache that wasn’t going away with Tylenol, and my old trusted buddy sumatriptan is off-limits for a while. I was already a bit queasy and didn’t want to be suffering a full-blown migraine on top of morning sickness while at work. I wrapped my forehead in an ice pack and crawled back into bed to sleep in, and fortunately felt better by 10am. But the queasies…it’s stuck with me all day. Lately by lunchtime I’m mostly feeling better, but today it just never went away. Fatigue really hit me too. I made roast chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner, but couldn’t eat the veggies with it, too much flavor. Blech.

One week from tomorrow, first midwife appointment!

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