40 weeks

…and we are standing by. The wee lass has been served her eviction notice, no more freeloading, little one. Besides,  tardiness is not tolerated in this family. Due to a small pregnancy complication and a med that I’m on, the midwives aren’t comfortable letting her cook past her due date any more. Despite my initial reticence with induction and the whole cascade of interventions it seems to initiate, I’ve come around to accepting this as our plan. I trust my midwives and I trust that my body can do this. I mean, this birth thing has happened over 107 billion times on this planet before me. It’s no big thing, apparently. 

However, as we always say in Seattle, if you have a good idea of something to do, rest assured the rest of the city has had it first. Want to have a margarita outdoors on a sunny day? Good luck finding a table. Want to walk around Greenlake on a quiet weekend morning? Just try finding a parking spot near the lake. Want to go out to dinner on a weekend night (anywhere, ever?) Hahaha, you should have shown up at 4pm to get in line. Want to have a baby on a nice August weekend? Yeah, nice try. Seattlites didn’t get the memo on the declining birth rate yet, also as evidenced by the impossibility of finding a spot in a day care. It’s like you’re all packed and ready to take a really exciting trip somewhere but you have to fly stand-by. 

Don’t expect any live-blogging from the delivery room, I’m one of the few in this digital age who still attempts to maintain a modicum of dignity and privacy. But I may update in the future if I can get a cute enough pic of this kid to post. 

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