Three Weeks Young


Miriam is three weeks old now, and the occasion was marked yesterday by her umbilical cord finally falling off completely, leaving the most brand-new sweetest belly button I have ever laid eyes upon. Of course I took a photo. Who wouldn’t?!

*Full disclosure* If you have come here expecting my usual misanthropic snarky musings, you may be disappointed. Because whether it’s the post-partum hormones, motherhood, or some bizarre alignment of the planets, I have none of that in me. I’m pretty much just going to wax poetic about this new little person living in our house, and this crazy transition into motherhood that she caused.

I absolutely love being her mama. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, how easy or hard it would be, where my emotions would land in this sea of post-partum hormones and fatigue. But to her credit, Miri has made it pretty easy. She gets cuter every single day, and she seems to be a pretty chill baby. The first two weeks she did nothing but sleep and eat, and we actually had to wake her up to eat most of the time. Over the past week she’s starting have one or two periods a day where she’s pretty awake and alert after eating, then she’ll disintegrate a little if she gets overtired and needs to be soothed a bit to sleep. Usually a good swaddle, a jiggle, and her pacifier does the trick. (Thanks, Dr. Karp! If you have or are expecting a new baby, you MUST watch the Happiest Baby on the Block video). She sleeps in four to five hour stretches at night which I’m quite grateful for. Breastfeeding has been going great, and I started pumping once a day last week so Daddy could get her used to taking a bottle. She didn’t blink twice at the bottle, sucked it right down, then happily goes back to nursing at the next feeding. She also LOVES her pacifiers, to which she says, “Nipple confusion? What’s that?” I love dressing her in the tiny cute outfits we have, and I can’t believe she’s already outgrown some of the newborn clothes. She’s a long, skinny girl and those newborn footie pajamas are too short on her! We’re getting pretty good at the Moby wrap, we’ve done a couple of shopping trips with it and she slept happily cuddled on my chest the whole time. She loves her baths, although she screams as soon as we take her out of the water, but who can blame her on that. To risk sounding cliche, I CANNOT believe I’ve only known her for three weeks. We joked last night that if you met someone new three weeks ago and couldn’t stop talking about how amazing they were and how in love you were, your friends would think you were nuts and probably stage an intervention. I guess that’s the power of evolution at work…we’d better be pretty smitten with this helpless, hairless, resource-sucking little pet or we’d just toss her out of the cave.


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