What I’m reading this week

I wish I could say I was reading more than this, but my Kindle has been dead for over a week. I’m sure it’s been dead far longer than that but I didn’t know it, since there isn’t much time for reading in this baby-centered universe of nursing/diapers/napping that I’m living in. But there’s always time for the internet, thanks to small portable devices from Apple!

Magic formula for baby names – I love names, thinking about names, making lists of names, mocking others for their choices of trendy, yooneek names.

Things no one tells you before you have a baby – I got pretty tired of these lists, sometimes it just seems like people are trying to scare you or gross you out but what can you do? NOT have your baby? This article is pretty spot on however, especially the part about how it takes five hours to watch a movie and you may never eat hot food again.

The Meanest Mother in the World – Love this blog post. I had a baby so I could be someone’s mother, I have enough friends.

You Are a Good Mama – You are.

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