Letters to Miriam: Three months old

Dear Miriam,

Today you are three months old, it is officially the end of the “fourth trimester.” I think this means that if the human species hadn’t become bipedal and grown such enormous heads, you could have remained the womb comfortably gestating until now. Judging by your reluctance to attend your own birth, I think you were testing this theory. Nonetheless, you’ve finally emerged from your newborn days and we’re starting to see a real little baby now, with enchanting glimpses of your little girl personality. You sleep through the night, from about 10pm till 9am, with one wake-up at 6am for breakfast then right back to sleep. I’d love to take credit for this but I’m pretty sure we are just lucky. However naps are for chumps, you say. It’s not too hard to get you to fall asleep, but after thirty minutes exactly your eyes pop back open! Your days have some semblance of routine, but in order to prevent my boredom (thanks!) you change it up a bit each day. Especially just as I get used to something or think I’ve got it. A few weeks ago, it was bottle refusal (remedied by I leave the room), now it’s occasional breast refusal. Still figuring that one out…

When you are awake you love looking at us, smiling, and examining your toys. You found your hands and love trying to fit your whole fist in your mouth. You are suddenly very vocal…trying our every vowel sound. You’ve starting noticing the dogs, and the other babies in our PEPS group. My favorite thing to do is talking a walk with you in the carrier and Ardie, you always fall asleep and stay asleep all snuggled up like that. I try not to trip while I’m constantly checking to make sure you have space around nose to breathe. I’m still nervous and new at this too, remember.

Without further ado, results of todays photo session:

Ok, what's the big idea? Smile?

Ted! Photobomb.


I'm hi-LAR-ious!

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