Letter to Miriam – Four months old


Dear Miri –

Yesterday you turned four months old! One-third of a year! It doesn’t sound like a long time but I’ve never known anyone who changed so much in such a short span of time. If any else’s head has grown over two inches in circumference over four months, I would be quite alarmed. However, when you did it, it was adorable and impressive. I swear that you look bigger every single morning. You’re now smiling all the time. My favorites are the “Daddy’s Home Smiles”: when he walks in the door, you stare at him for a few seconds, looking just a little surprised, then slowly your whole face lights up with a huge smile and twinkly eyes. It kind of makes me teary every time. You’ve also been laughing lately. I occasionally get a little chuckle, especially when we’re playing airplane or I make funny animal noises at you, but Daddy has gotten a big belly laugh out of you a couple of times. When I kiss your toes you think it’s hi-LAR-ious. So of course I do too. That big laugh brings tears to my eyes a bit too, I have to admit. Hopefully I’ll get used to that and be able to hold myself together better when you’re laughing or smiling, or it’s going to make for some awkward fun times in the future.

This month we’re finally falling into a bit of a routine, which is great for me since I love routine and predictability (aka not compatible with babies), but I think you like it too. You wake up around the same time every morning, and are going to bed by 8:30 every night. In between you’re napping two or three times. You are FINALLY napping for more than the famous 30-minute-only naps.

You love grabbing things, but I don’t think you’ve mastered the “letting go” part of it. When you have one toy grasped in each hand and you want a third toy, you get very frustrated that you don’t have a third hand to grab it with. You just discovered Daddy’s beard and that’s super fun to grab. I fear for poor Ardie… You can roll over from your front to your back, but not quite yet from your back to your tummy, although you’re really good at rolling half-way there onto your side. To be honest, I’m not really encouraging the back-to-front roll because that means I’d have to stop swaddling you for sleeping. Plus, it’s not like it’s a skill you’ll use daily as an adult. I’m pretty sure I’ve gone months without rolling like that and I’m still a functioning member of society, soI’m hardly hindering your development. You also got your first passport last week, so you are now officially a citizen of the world! When we have to escape this predatory capitalist society for somewhere saner, we can legally take you with us.

We just love you more every single day, though I’m not sure how that’s possible.



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