The middle child


Ted is not your typical dachshund: he’s very easy going and quiet, outgoing with strangers, and happy to try to new things. But as a result, he’s not very demanding so he sometimes gets overlooked.

This morning I was about to leave the house with Ardie and Miri, I was dropping Ardie off at the groomers on my way to go shopping. Suddenly I realized this meant Ted would be home alone all day. In all of Ted’s 13+ years, he’d been alone – sans dog or human- exactly once. And he screamed and screeched so much my neighbors called me in alarm. So, I called the groomer and explained why I couldn’t bring Ardie in. She didn’t hesitate to suggest I bring Ted in as well, just to hang out and keep Ardie company too. So off we went! I figured at least Ted could get his talons nails clipped too.

When I picked the boys up a few hours later, not only were his nails clipped, but he’d been washed and deep-conditioned! “No charge for you,” gushed the groomer, “I just did it because I wanted to, he’s just so sweet!”

Sweet old Ted, he definitely deserved his special attention today.

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