Letters to Miriam: Five months old


Dear Miriam,

You turned five months old last weekly. We have now completely left behind the newborn days, and are firmly in Full Baby. This past month has been full of so many changes, my head is spinning! You celebrated your first Christmas (and Boxing Day, and New Year!) and it was so much fun. You got way too many presents but you loved the wrapping paper and having so many new and different things to put in your mouth.


Right after Christmas you moved into your own room, and you’re now sleeping in your own crib. The transition was much harder on me than it was on you: I cried the first night, but you slept like a champ. We now have a pretty regular bedtime, you’re asleep by 7:30 PM, and usually sleep until 5:30 AM. However, early this morning you rolled from your back to your front, multiple times, fully swaddled, so I guess that means the End of the Swaddle. A sad milestone in this house. Stay tuned to see how it goes…

Also this month, we got you a high chair, and now you’re eating real food, you love it! The first few spoonfuls were met with some hilarious faces, but after a few tries, you are now gobbling up a variety of things: pears, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, and avocado so far. I’m planning a longer blog post just about this.


I went back to work part-time a couple of weeks ago. Again, this was harder on me than it was on you. You now get to spend a couple of days a week with Grandma and one day a week with Kaela, and it sounds like everyone is having a great time! And now it has been confirmed by two more sources that you are indeed an amazing baby. I had suspected as much, but I’m a bit biased.

2014-01-18 15.13.37

We can also add sitting up to your list of tricks and skills… one day I just plopped you down on a blankie on the floor in front of a toy, and you didn’t topple over! It’s crazy how these things seem to come out of nowhere but I know you’ve been working really hard on them. Your development leaps are so enormous right now! It’s like if I went from doing simple arithmetic to differential equations in a few weeks. My head is spinning, how are we going to keep up with you?


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