Avocados and shopping carts

This has been a week full of firsts for Miri! The biggest of which is that she is now officially crawling. We are trying to keep up with her and baby-proofing. Thank goodness for Grandma, who rearranged a lot of furniture to hide electrical cords and power strips, then cleaned our floors and presented us with a handful of choking hazards that had been lurking in corners (ear plugs, screws, and dimes, oh my!)

Ok guys, we storm the gate at dawn. “Dawn, as in first light, or when the sun is up? What about breakfast?”

Miri also went for her first shopping cart ride, with Daddy at Lowes of course. She loved it, though kept wanting to turn around to see where the cart was headed.


I’ve started giving her more finger foods, now that she has a pretty accurate little pincer grasp. She adores her avocado. It makes quite the epic mess, and I’m not sure how much of it she actually ingests, but it sure keeps her happy and occupied while we eat our dinner. I am not including a photo of this epic mess because I think my feelings on photos of children covered in food are well-documented. In short, don’t do it. No one but you wants to see it.

She’s started popping her little thumb into her mouth, so I think we are going to have a little thumb-sucker on our hands. I’m not concerned; there’s enough actual danger and things to worry about in the world than to worry about whether or not she’ll need braces later.

Another “first,” I’ve noticed a little bit of stranger anxiety starting. She gets uneasy in the mornings when I’m getting ready to leave for work and her nanny is playing with her, though she quickly settles happily once I’m out the door. She is mostly okay with strangers holding her but she definitely looks a bit worried and will reach for me or Daddy when she’s had enough.


Oh, she also flew her first airplane. But I think she was pretending to be a Delta pilot, because the plane never left the runway.


  1. Can you imagine the combined excitement if me, Miri, a shopping trolley and one of those funny escalators you have got together?!!

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