Letters to Miriam – nine months old


Dear Miriam,

Nine months in, nine months out! Lots of fun around here over the last month. You are such a little person, interacting with everyone and everything. Your newest favorite people skill is “the wave,” though you practice waving to the dogs most of the time.

2014-04-30 16.25.25

We celebrated another first holiday, Easter. It was kind of like my first Easter holiday too, since we didn’t really “do” Easter in my house when I was a kid. We had a nice Easter dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Rivett’s with Uncle Monte and you got some good loot. You were pretty concerned about the helium balloon however, so it didn’t come home with us. We’re all excited about the years to come when we can hide eggs for you to find in Grandma’s gardens.


The weather is finally looking spring-like so we’ve been able to spend some more time outside. You love sitting on a blanket in the yard and watching us blow bubbles or keeping an eye on the neighborhood goings-on.



Today we had a day out in Edmonds, to escape Seattle for a few hours. We strolled around the farmer’s market, had lunch, and spent some time on the beach. You were pretty impressed by the sand in your hands, and didn’t even eat any (not for lack of trying).

2014-05-17 13.38.42

I think all this development and new stuff going on in your brain is interfering with your sleep a bit, as we’ve had a few rough nights this week getting you to sleep. You used to listen to stories with Daddy then drift off to sleep while nursing, but now you’ve got too much wiggling to do and too much to look at to fall asleep quietly. Fortunately, once you’re asleep you sleep well until morning.

Now that you’re perfecting your pincer grasp and can pretty much stick anything you want in your mouth, you are not as interested being spoon-fed anymore. Oatmeal with fruit and yogurt are still favorites at breakfast, but lunch and dinner are all finger foods. Avocado is still the hands-down favorite, but you also love pasta noodles, cheese, pears, tofu, eggs, squash, tuna, and salmon. Peanut butter toast is also a huge hit. Yep, my baby is eating gluten topped with peanut. Living dangerously here at the Rivett house. Sometimes you sample rice or beans from our plates, I can’t wait for the day I can just feed you the same thing that we’re having. I think I even see the very beginnings of two little top teeth!

We celebrated my first Mother’s Day this month, the highlight of which was getting to take a nap. Of course I already got the best Mother’s Day present there is, getting to be your mama. While I miss the days that you were a tiny, squishy little thing, every day gets more fun. Each stage you are in becomes my favorite stage.


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