The Big Weekend

Miri had a quite a big long weekend, helping us celebrate our second wedding anniversary. We drove north to Semiahmoo Resort to stay for a couple of nights. Although the hotel and overall customer service was underwhelming, the location was lovely and we enjoyed walking along the water and an afternoon in Fairhaven.


Miri was a trooper, despite taking all of her naps in the car. It is difficult to relax and enjoy the beach and the views when someone is insistent on attempting to put pebbles and sand into her mouth.




On Sunday evening we went to Folklife in Seattle, a first not only for Miri but for Matt and I as well. We finally got to see our friend’s band play (yay for 5:00pm AND all-ages show times!) and catch up with some friends, but the rain and the nap-less afternoon quickly caught up with Miri. We quickly grabbed some food-on-a-stick for dinner after the show and headed home.

2014-05-25 16.52.14

This afternoon Miri had a playdate with five other babies, then we picked up Grandma Rivett. She loves the “busy board” that Grandpa made her! So many metal, noisy, and dangerous-looking things to play with on it, its right up her alley.

2014-05-26 16.50.51

After an epic nap in her crib (finally!) she stuffed herself full of a huge dinner (avocado, pasta, cheese, naan, hummus, beans, pears, lentil soup oh my!) and laid her head down.This is the face of an avocado-addict who has just gotten her fix…

2014-05-26 17.55.02


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