What’s for dinner?



Miri is must be the midst of a growth spurt, because she’s been insatiable at meals lately. This is her dinner plate: avocado, cheese, baked tofu, blueberries, strawberries, and pasta. She ate about 90% of it, the rest going to the dogs, which is par for the course. For lunch today she had most of a mango, spinach ravioli, kiwi, and cheese. For breakfast she had banana, oatmeal, berries, and yogurt…then later stole bits of egg and toast from my breakfast sandwich. In addition to all of this,  she continues to nurse four times a day and chug her water bottle like Rocky. So far, I haven’t found a food that she doesn’t like, she even loved the curried chickpea and spinach dish I made last week. Lentil soup and hummus on pita are also big hits. I’m sure as she becomes a toddler she’ll go through her picky phases, but for now, if she won’t choke on it, it goes on her plate.

In other news, she has perfected an ear-drum-shredding shriek…I’m also really hoping this is a phase too. We’re trying to ignore it and not react so she isn’t rewarded for doing it, although it’s kind of hard to not either laugh or wince when she does it.

I finally discovered a baby version of a dog park last week, and it was awesome. It’s just an enclosed baby/toddler play area at the mall, with a bunch of weird foamy structures. However, Miri could crawl and climb to her heart’s content without finding danger or getting hurt, so I could relax and let her go crazy. She didn’t even look back for me…


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