Notes from Mommyland

The most entertaining thing I did today (maybe even all week so far) was watch my daughter eat a peach.

I say that completely seriously, without irony, snark, or sarcasm.

I handed Miri a peach to distract her while we were grocery shopping, because she is Grabby McHandsy and must.touch.everything. I figured she’d just bat it around and squeeze it, but next thing I knew she took a bite out of it and peach juice was everywhere.

2014-06-18 12.50.54

I finally pried it out of her sticky hands when I put her in the car, and she cried the whole way home, deprived of her peach. Sorry kid…no food in the car seat, thems the rules. (Not because I’m a clean freak, but I’m a Safety Freak…choking hazard! Deadly projectile!)

So when we got home, I let her finish the peach. It was hilarious. There is nothing like the pure, unadulterated happiness of a baby and her first fresh peach. I’m even violating one of my own vows, that I’d never post photos of my kid with food on her face. We all knew this day would come.

*Warning, photo bomb ahead*

2014-06-18 13.24.14 2014-06-18 13.24.06 2014-06-18 13.23.42-2 2014-06-18 13.23.37 2014-06-18 13.17.56 2014-06-18 13.23.27

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