The view from here

Miri fell asleep on the way home from a daycare visit today, so I decided to drive around long enough to let her have a good nap. I went through a drive thru to grab lunch, then parked at Golden Gardens to eat while she snoozed. I pulled Greta the Jetta into a space that happened to be between two other VWs, then slowly realized that I wasn’t alone: Both VWs also happened to have a woman sitting in the driver’s seat and a car seat in the back. Well hey, when you’re stuck in the car because you don’t want to disturb baby, it’s nice to have a lovely view of mountains and the bay. I guess I wasn’t the only one with that idea. Matt and I often joke that the reason Ballard (and Seattle in general) is such a congested sh!t show is because of this rule: if you have a good idea for something to do, then you can be rest assured that the rest of Seattle has the exact same idea.

For example:

  • Hey, it’s nice out, let’s go to a restaurant and sit outside to have margaritas (hah! good luck finding a table)
  • Hey, it’s kind of drizzly and gray but not really pouring out, let’s go to the Farmer’s Market since it will be quieter today (hah! don’t get run over by a BOB)
  • Hey, I’m feeling lazy and it’s Sunday morning, let’s go out to breakfast (hah! enjoy your hour-long wait for rubbery scrambled eggs and gluten-free cardboard toast)

Anyway, I enjoyed my Mexi-Fries and this lovely view today.

2014-06-18 11.32.05

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