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Chronophage, by M. G. Churchill

Zara’s mind has been re-wired to do away with sleep, a requirement for piloting mankind’s first interstellar star ship. Her new brain is not without side-effects, however. Between consciousness and a semi-lucid state called ‘drift-diving,’ reality splinters. Amnesia and déjà vu become one, hours and days deleted. But Zara’s memories are classified, and she is told she no longer has a ‘need to know.’ After a mysterious agent propositions her for secrets in exchange for information about her missing father, a tempted Zara dismisses the notion. However when her flight status is unexpectedly revoked, dismay and resentment quickly changes her attitude.,, because this was not supposed to be the end. Prophetic visions of floating jungles and sentient insects haunt her. An alien terminus? So real, it must be fate. Zara soon sets out into the byzantine world of Lacus Somniorum, the Moon’s clandestine Lake of Dreams in search of answers, not only about her past, but also her improbable future.

Read it, then go to Amazon and review it! My personal review doesn’t really count since I’m not unbiased. I didn’t write it, but I’m fond enough of the author that I married him.

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