Water baby

Miri had a busy, fun-filled weekend. We had a lot of fun to make up for since our whole family has spent the past two weeks recovering from this awful hand, foot and mouth disease. On Friday, we took a walk through Carkeek Park which backs up to our neighborhood.


We crossed the railroad tracks and went down to the beach to play for a bit. By “playing,” I mean Miri sat in the sand and tried to put pebbles in her mouth while we tried to intercept her lightning-fast hands.


Today we went to the zoo (pro tip: get there as soon as they open in the morning!). Miri waved at various animals then zoomed around the zoomazium.

2014-07-06 10.12.58

Then we set up a kiddie pool on the deck, let the sun warm up the water, and plopped Miri into it. She loved it! Splash, kick, drink, repeat, for quite a while. Her little toes started to get pruny so we pulled her out, but she protested so strongly that we let her play even longer. She laughed and played with her toys and giggled when she stuck her face in the water. This bodes very well for our highly anticipated family vacations to Hawaii and Great Wolf Lodge.

DSC_8839 DSC_8844 DSC_8852 DSC_8859

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