Ear infections and other myths

A few days ago, Matt said that he suspected Miri had an ear infection. I was a little shaken by this, as she’s never had an ear infection. I have always assumed that ear infections, like teething, were just excuses that parents made for their babies crankiness. And so far, Miri is weathering teething like a champ, so I figure it doesn’t really hurt that bad *ducking*. Miri was tugging at her ear a bit, and as she’s been picking up various daycare viruses all month, so I took her in to the pediatrician just to have a look. Fortunately, both ears looked fine, it was probably just a bit of congestion clearing up from one of her many viruses over the past month. This kid is actively challenging my entire believe system. What’s next, she’ll be telling me god ISN’T dead?

She’s already busy writing her manifesto.

2014-07-28 16.45.30-1

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