Facebook, it’s you, not me

I’ve recently discovered that if I abandon Facebook for 48 hours over the weekend, I am generally happier, less ragey-against-stupid, and I probably pay more attention to my family. I’m not sure what irritates me more: people’s ignorant comments or my husband’s attempts to censor me (to be fair, he is probably justified in trying to stop me from spewing snarky diatribes all over FB). For example, this morning, I was poised to eloquently request that Christians stop playing the convenient Victim Card they love to flash in lieu of true humanitarianism…perhaps my wording would have been a tad harsher. Ah well. I did delete FB from my phone, though not before I changed my profile pic to the Arabic letter alif for atheist. I now realize it should have been a kah for kafir but I didn’t want to offend my Muslim friends.
In other FB rants, sunshine, unicorn dust and extra water will not clean your poopy cloth diapers, crunchy mamas. Bleach and detergent are your friends. Your baby’s bum will thank me.

One comment

  1. I am all for natural but sometimes it is really better living through chemicals

    I don’t hardly visit my personal Facebook page anymore but I am all over social media for my blog. Whether personal or for blog, I often find myself biting my lip rather than saying how i really feel (it’s pretty pent up so it would probably be disastrous if I unleashed. Ha, ha).

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