Welcome to Toddlerville:

Population millions, but since you are a toddler, no one else exists in your world.

Just a little egocentric humor there for you! Miri has been studying the Toddler Handbook, and has just gotten to the chapter about transitioning to one nap a day. Although I think she skipped ahead a bit, because instead of “transitioning” she just went ahead and dropped that morning nap like a hot potato. For months, she napped like clockwork: About two hours after waking up, she would have her bottle and drift off to sleep with nary a peep, sleeping for up to two hours. But suddenly two days ago she decided to rage against the morning nap: she took her bottle,(with heavy eyelids), and I put her down in her crib. She played a bit and babbled to herself, then got annoyed and started crying,  stood up, threw all the binkies and all the lovies out of the crib, then carried onso me more. No amount of binky replacement, more bottle, or more rocking could convince her to sleep. So now I’ve been putting her down at noon, after an early lunch, and she goes down easily then snoozes for a couple of hours. Morning naps are for babies, apparently, and this 13-month-old is not that kind of baby. This is all fine with me except that now I have to rethink my entire world view (yet again). Well, maybe not my world view per se, but my daily routine at the very least.

In honor of embracing her toddlerhood, today Miri had her first Cheerios. They were a huge hit.

2014-09-15 08.09.41

She really does have her own bed, but this one is so much cozier.

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