Week in Review – 1/8 to 1/14

This was our first full week back in the routine since Christmas hols…and as wonderful as having time off is, I was so relieved to be back in routine. Grocery shopping, meal planning, making lunches help me stay on track with eating. I made a couple of new recipes, pasta e ceci and Spanish chickpeas with spinach.

Must have been the week of chickpeas around here. I’m finding with the WW Freestyle plan that I’m eating a lot more beans and lentils, but feeling a lot more full and satisfied.


It’s not the most photogenic of foods, but I made ful mesdames for breakfast, and to reheat for work breakfasts through the week. It’s a traditional Egyptian street food, and became one of my favorite savory breakfasts when I lived in Saudi Arabia. It’s basically just fava beans, garlic, cumin, and tahini. On WW Freestyle, this serving is only 2 SP because the egg and fat free Greek yogurt are zero!


What are the girls eating? Sometimes, they devour a bowl of poke for lunch. Other days I think they are simply fueled by sunshine and butterfly tears. I try to focus on how much over a week versus per day.

Even though spring feels ages away in the midst of these dark wet January days, I’m starting to plan ahead for my vegetable garden. I’m enjoying perusing the colorful seed catalogs and making charts and spreadsheets of my garden layouts, and Matt has been clearing the back forty. And by back forty, I mean the front flower beds.

We have started potty training Daphne, so there’s that. It’s a bit more challenging than potty training Miriam simply because I’m a lazier and a more distracted mom this time around. Poor second kid. She does great at home with no pants on, but as soon as we put a Pull-up or panties on her, she kind of loses the motivation. Plus, she is the oldest in her daycare class, so only a couple of her little friends even try to sit on the potties at school. Miriam was one of the younger kids in her class at that age, so she was motivated by watching most of her little friends learn to use the potty at the same time. She’ll get there eventually I guess. She won’t wear diapers to college.

We did our first kindergarten tour this week, so that was weird. Miriam will go to our neighborhood public school, but I wanted to tour another closer school that happens to be closer to our just in case I wanted try to get into that one instead. I can already tell that dealing with SPS and *other parents* is not going to be a fun ride for this introvert misanthropist, so I’m working really hard on just putting on a calm happy face and i”m going to fake it ’til I make it. New mantra for 2018: Choose happy.

I’m six books in to my 50-book Goodreads challenge for the year! I always have an audiobook for the car and Kindle ebook going, and I have to admit I’m having more fun researching and making my reading lists based on the other challenges I’m considering. I love seeing what other people are reading. It seems to be much better for my overall state of mind and mental health to be spending my free time reading rather than scrolling through random annoying Facebook groups. Go figure.

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  1. Will try your recipe as LOVE garbanzo beans! I am being slightly successful getting Greg to eat my diet. Our meals are mostly different. The garden spot will be great. I am always thinking about gardens😁

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