Week in Review – 1/29/18

January, the Monday of months… – F. Scott Fitzgerald

It’s still January. It’s still raining. It’s Monday today. All things considered, I’m just keeping on keeping on.

What the girls are doing: Daphne is continuing to potty train herself. She wears Pull-Ups but 80% of the time she announces when she has to go pee, then takes herself off to the potty on goes. Just pee so far, but that’s fine. She even went in a public bathroom stall, which is a pretty huge victory when you’re literally small enough to fall in. I’m so grateful she has her big sister to copy, and who cheers her on, which takes some of the pressure off this Lazy Mom.


Miriam is over her virus-of-the-month (cough and fever) and back to Irish dance and Ballet/tap classes. She is super excited about getting to perform in March for Irish dance, probably because it means even more costumes in her life.


She has learned to take photos on my phone, so captured some lovely portraits of me while I was planning my garden.


The first raised bed kit arrived and Matt put it together quite quickly during a brief break in the rain. Miriam helped of course. I’m getting really excited about the garden plan for this spring and summer, next is ordering seeds and soil!


We all had terrible cabin fever from the past two (three, four?) weekends of being housebound due to potty training then illness, so we made an effort to get out this weekend. That effort was IKEA, which, even in the best of times, is epic. But, we did it. Got some needed bedding and a craft cart, ate some meatballs, and can now go back to avoiding it for the next two years.

What am I eating: My kale salads for work were kind of disappointing this week, as my kale shrunk! I learned this “trick” to massage the kale with a bit of kosher salt to soften it and make it less bitter, but apparently this shrinks the kale over time as well. This jar was filled to the brim when I packed it. Still tasty though. IMG_4195.jpg

Meal plan for this week, the WW Smart Points are in red:

IMG_4230.jpgHas anyone seen my Wednesday magnet? It’s driving me crazy and I can’t find the replacement anywhere. Also, I didn’t realize how dirty my white board is.

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