Week in review – 2/5/18

What we did this week:

One of us left the house in panties (and some other clothes too, don’t worry) every day this week. Even better, she came home in the SAME dry panties too!

One of us got to meet real live firefighters and check out their fire truck at school, and can tell you how and why to dial 9-1-1.

One of us toiled in her shoffice and ate lentil soup every day for lunch. Except tater tot day – thanks for a brilliant Thursday again, C 😉

One of us played hooky for a day and watched Blade Runner 2049.

Check in next week to find out which Rivett did what.

What I’m eating:

I’m perfecting my Friday Night Pizza party, with two-ingredient dough. The girls always love their pineapple pizza and Matt and I split a turkey pepperoni pizza. With green olives on my half, of course. You can’t take the midwest out of the girl… This week I also treated myself to a poke bowl for lunch on my day off. And and old breakfast standby, egg-in-a-hole. Despite my careful planning and cooking, my weight was still up this week. We went to the farmer’s market on Sunday, catching a rare weather window when it wasn’t raining.


Yes, they are 2.5 and 4, and yes they can walk. But I strap them into the stroller, throw the occasional snack at them, and every is happy and safe. Miriam’s market must-haves: mini donuts, hot apple cider, a honey stick, and ranch-flavored hazelnuts. Daphne’s must-have: kettle corn. This week I got some veggies to roast for the week and we grabbed Indian food from Tandoozy for lunch.

We had a fun, active weekend. Daphne finally got to start ballet lessons! She has been asking to take ballet class for at least six months. Miriam was so proud to show her the ropes, how to line up before class, and introduced her to the teacher. I worried that Daphne would be nervous or reluctant, but after a brief glance back at Miriam, she threw herself whole-heartedly into class and had a great time!


I guess that makes me a dance mom. Not that kind of dance mom though. I’m with the cool moms making fun of the bougie bakery next door.


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