Palm Springs


Here is a recap of our 3-night, 4-day vacation to Palm Springs. I’m not an expert by any means but we’ve been on a few trips with the kids and each time it seems to get easier. While I can’t take all the credit for that, since each time the girls are a bit bigger and a bit more self-sufficient, the planning and packing is getting a little smoother. The amount of gear and bags you need decreases inversely to age of child, thank goodness for that.


The girls are becoming pretty good travelers, and I’m really proud of them. Miriam loves new things and trying new experiences. Daphne goes with the flow and has a lot of fun wherever we are, but at heart she’s a little homebody and inevitably gets homesick after a few days.

The flights went well, 2.5 hrs was just long enough. Miriam kept busy with her “hour toys”  – they each get a new small toy/activity once an hour during the flight. Stickers and a coloring book were big hits this time. Daphne slept most of the way, thanks to the magic of the car seat. While it’s a PITA to lug that thing through airports, it’s invaluable for keeping her safely snug in her seat during flights, even still at 2.5. There’s something about being all buckled in that tells the kid, “You’re not going anywhere for a while, may as well settle in and go to sleep.”


We rented an amazing AirBnB, because I basically cannot live without a kitchen when I travel. Have you met children? Have you seen them in a restaurant? Even pre-kids, we loved being able to make our own breakfasts before we ventured out for the day. We often eat our big meal of the day as a restaurant lunch then have a simpler dinner at “home.” This is also more budget-friendly and in bigger cities is a great way to try fancy new restaurants that you couldn’t get dinner reservations to!


I loved this house so much. It was midcentury perfection, from architecture to interior design, and so fun to be able to stay in such a place. However my children didn’t care that it was a 1960 Alexander designed home in the famous Racquet Club Estates, but to them it was perfection thanks to the heated pool and HOT TUB. Despite the unseasonably cool weather (mid-60s), they were in the pool at least twice a day, once even after the sun went down. I was really nervous about pool safety but before we left I drilled the girls over and over on the “pool rules” and then was hyper-vigilant about always keeping the outside doors locked and knowing where the girls were at all times. It was hard, but for only 3 days it was sustainable.


We purposely didn’t plan a lot: first of all, when you’re traveling with kids you do not need “plans” to add any additional stress. Second, our goal was just to relax, enjoy the family, and get some sunshine. The first day we went right to Manhattans in the Desert for massive sandwiches, so that checked off one of our plans. The second day we went to The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, fed the giraffes, and that checked off our other plan. There was an awesome playground around the block from our house, so between that and the pool, the girls kept busy.




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