Progress on Atomic Chickens

Lately we’ve had more sunny days than rainy days, enough to make even a cynic like me believe that spring might actually be on it’s way. Plans and progress are solidly underway on the future home for our chickens! While I initially did all the research and planning, selecting the coop design and buying the plans, Farmer Matt has taken the plans and run with it. He’s adapting the design to his own stringent anti-vermin standards.

I chose the Garden Ark plan from Garden Coop designs. We needed something with quite a small footprint, as we don’t have a lot of square footage in the back yard. Esthetics were also important, and I liked the modern, loft-style look of it. There were tons of excellent reviews and examples of this coop built by others.


So far, we’ve cleared the land for it. Matt bought the wood, sanded it, and cut all the pieces. It sounds so straight forward when you say that but the reality is that took three weekends and a day, between juggling trips to the hardware store and two needy kids. Not to mention the needy wife. The coop itself is mobile so you can move it for cleaning or in case you sell your home in the city and move to a bigger home in the country and want to take your beautiful coop with you (just saying.) We’re building a base of 4 x 4s to set the coop onto, then the base will be lined with hardware cloth.


The chickies have been ordered, due to arrive next month. They are bantams, which are sort of like miniature chickens. I’m slightly obsessed with all things mini.. Plus, since we don’t have a large coop, it makes the most sense. I ordered from My Pet Chicken way back in December. They’ll live in the garage until they’re about six weeks old, so next step is to prepare their chick nursery.

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  1. I can hardly wait for your chickens 🐓 My Grandma Churchill always had ‘banties’ We have a heat lamp if you need one for the chicks.

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