Month in Review – 3/19/18

A break from my (inconsistent) style of weekly (and fortnightly) review posts, I realized it has been a month since the last update which makes this a monthly review. But hey, if I posted consistent Week in Review posts then I’d be predictable, which is a slippery slope to BORING. And there is not worst insult than b*ring.

What the girls are doing:

We’ve had some fun weekend outings, because the alternative is staying in driving each other crazy. This month we went to the Pacific Science Center on a cold, rainy day. We hadn’t been there since Daphne was much smaller, so this time she was able to run around and interact with more exhibits. And, run around and away from us, but that’s two-and-half for you. They loved the dinosaurs and sitting in the Gemini capsule the best.


On a sunnier weekend, we went to our favorite playground in Shoreline. If I haven’t mentioned it previously, everything is better in Shoreline. It’s like Seattle but less pretentious, less crowded, and more parking. Miriam bravely conquered the big tube slide, and not long after Daphne followed suit. Daphne has usually been more reserved and nervous about new scary things, but just in the last month or so she has uncovered an intrepid side of her personality.


We went to the Irish Festival at the Seattle Center for the first time in my Seattle life, for Miriam’s first show for Irish Dance with Tara Academy. We talked a lot about the performance ahead of time, I wanted to make sure that it was her own choice to perform, and we talked about feeling nervous or shy on stage. She remembered her ballet recital last June, and she said, “I don’t mind all the people. I just pretend they’re not there and I dance.” I was gobsmacked by all the people in the Seattle Center, it was more than enough to make this misanthropist introvert shrink back home, it didn’t phase her. Later she told me, “I was a little nervous at first but then it was no big deal.” She was riveted by watching the older girls dancing. Her bit of the show was quite brief but I was so, so proud of her.¬†IMG_5092.jpgIMG_5096.jpgIMG_5099.jpgIMG_5091.jpgIMG_5102.jpgIMG_5209.jpg

The things they say:

Me: Miriam, stop talking like a baby.

Miriam: Oh no, I have to talk like a grown-up now. Oh shit, I’m a grown-up.

She was so spot on, on so many levels, I had nothing.


  1. I so much enjoyed your post or what ever you call it, a Blog? All these techie terms leave me wanting. G. mentioned something you posted and so sent your link. You are a gifted Blogger and the girls are just too danged sweet. I can keep up with them through this medium!!! They grow so fast and I see them so rarely. But, next weekend!!!!! L. mr

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