Garden update

I had grand plans to start all my plants from seed, but there is this thing that gets in the way of my plans called real life. With kids. So I’m going to shelve those little seeds until next year and focus on learning to grow starts this year.

I spent an afternoon fertilizing the other two beds and planting some veggie starts. I made a pea trellis out of bamboo arches and twine. It will probably only last one season but then I can decide what kind of trellis I want more permanently.

True to form for April in the PNW, it’s rained nearly every day since planting, so I haven’t had to worry about watering. The girls have been really into the garden so far, wanting to “check on the plants” Mimi talks to the pea plants to tell them how to climb their trellis and Daphne is encouraging the baby plants to listen to their mommy plants.

From back to front: green cabbage, red cabbage, sugar snap peas, arugula, lettuce mix
All work supervised by Ardie.

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