Ballard Ice Cream Tour review: Frankie and Jo’s

Today we visited the second stop on our tour of Ballard Ice Cream joints: Frankie and Jo’s. It’s the newest addition to hot spots in Ballard, located in the trendy Dump Town* area of Ballard. I know it’s trendy because this three-block “neighborhood” is characterized  long lines and impossible parking on this street, which is universal hipster signal for “high quality and important.” Frankie and Jo’s other claim to fame is that it’s entirely vegan. Today I chose it simply because it was on the way from the playground to the toy store. Again, I have arcane criteria.

Points for permanent signage not requiring chalk.


Three out four millennials declare: Wallpaper on trend!

Finally it was our turn to order, turns out the line wasn’t too long but the presence of a couple of Toyotas (they may have just been strollers, hard to tell sometimes) in line made it appear longer. After the server inquired as to our allergy status, we ordered mint chocolate brownie for Miriam and vanilla for Daphne. This time I didn’t even ask if they had anything blue. And it took some convincing that I really did order mint chocolate brownie: “No, it’s not green, but it really is mint. I’m sure. Really. I can’t explain it. I know mint leaves are green. I know this ice cream is white. JUST TRY IT.” I even got a little bowl of chocolate date somethingorother (can it really be called ice cream if there’s literally no cream or sugar?) and it was pretty good. Admittedly, once we were served our ice creams, I was suddenly no longer cranky. The girls really liked it and didn’t have any idea that it was vegan. Not that they know what vegan is, even I have my parenting limits of what I’ll shield my kids from. So, we give the ice cream five stars and the service three stars. Our server was really friendly and sweet, but I later discovered I’d been overcharged for an extra cone. And thumbs down for no blue.


IMG_5751.jpgThe face of a skeptical mint connoisseur.

Daphne really did like it! No idea why the tiny snark-face here. (Apples, trees, yeah I get it).

Overall, it was really good, and they had some interesting flavors I’d go back to try again. I’m avoiding sugar for a month so I was impressed I could find something sweetened only by maple syrup and dates. But unfortunately, as my biggest motivator in life is convenience, the fairly inconvenient location and possibility of lines would likely stop me.

*Matt corrected me that Dump Town is not the actual name of this neighborhood. Sometimes we make up names for these random little micro neighborhoods because it’s easier than saying, “You know, that corner of two blocks on 70th sort of between 11th and 14th where we tried to go for pizza that one time but the wait was too long next to that place that advertised Chinese cupping and skin shredding.”

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