About Rosebuttons

I’m snarky, and a little bit crunchy. I’ve been known to scowl at whingey babies in public, I hold grudges like it’s an Olympic sport, but those Sarah MacLachlan commercials reduce me to a weeping mess within 0.2 seconds.

This is my blog. I used to have a blog lots of blogs, and it was getting a little silly. There was a blog about my adventures in Saudi Arabia, which was by invite only due to certain security concerns. Then there was my blog about my adventures as a nurse: from oncology/BMT, to critical care, to travel nursing, to home hospice. Then there was my travel blog about my adventures in general: from Paris to Scotland to Iceland to Paris again. Then when we moved into a new house so of course I had to blog about that: from choosing paint colors, to ordering custom drapes, to chronicling the growth of our puppy. It was all getting a bit much for me, so I’m sure no one else was interested in following several rarely-updated blogs in search of a possibly interesting tidbit about my life. And then there were things that I wanted to blog about, but didn’t seem to fit into any of those categories: cooking, knitting, life with dachshunds, my rants on passive aggressive Seattle drivers…

So here we are. This is my blog, my one and only blog. I’m not going to promise anything, it might not be updated frequently, you might not learn anything useful, you may or may not be amused by it. To keep it coherent, it will have an overall theme: my attempts at knitting and all those distractions that keep me from knitting: working (full-time as a BMT clinic nurse), the wieners (tending to the demands of three dachshunds is a more-than-full time pursuit), cooking (especially Indian and Mediterranean food, using as much whole and organic and local ingredients as I can), and traveling. And sometimes maybe even a little photography, crafting, home decor, and anything else particularly mid-century or housewifey. Oh and most recently, the upcoming addition of another human to our family. I have a feeling this baby thing might take center-stage for a while, you have been forewarned.


  1. I didn’t know you had a blog! It’s great! I’ve been wanting to build on one I started but it’s a challenge for me. 🙂 Enjoyed the first week survival guide. Depends, huh?! ❤

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